Resizing Images in Photoshop Elements:

Instructions – Resizing in Photoshop Elements – PDF Download

Note: These instructions were done on a MAC, however, using a Windows PC is a similar procedure. There are shortcut keys, however, those are not included to keep the instructions generic.

1.    Open image you want to resize.
2.    Finish all desired editing
3.    When you are ready to resize

– From the menu, select Image -> Resize -> Image Size


– The following menu pops up


– Make sure the Constraints Proportions and Resample Image checkboxes are checked

4.    From the drop down menu at the bottom select “Bicubic (best for reduction)”

5.    In the “Pixel Dimensions:” Area make sure that the drop down menu is “pixels”
– Choose the dimension with the larger number, in the example above it is “Width”
– Change the number to 1000


– The opposite dimension will adjust accordingly. (In the example above the height dimension adjusted itself to 667).
– Select the OK button.

6.    From the Menu select File -> Save As


7.    When the Save Dialog box opens make sure the format is “JPEG” (see example above)

8.    In the “Save As:” text screen at the top, rename your files with your name and the title of the
image followed by jpg. Please keep your titles under 100 characters and use a hyphen between
your name and the title. (i.e. Frank Smith-Sailboats at Carlyle Lake at sunset.jpg)

9.    Select “Save” (the blue button in the bottom right corner)

10. The following window pops up


11. Change Image Options until size is at or below 1 Meg. (In the example above the pointer shows that the photo is under 1 Meg.) Use one of the following methods to adjust the image options

– Drop down menu to select different option, select on of the following until you are at 1 Meg or
1. Maximum
2. High
3. Medium
4. Low

– Use your mouse to slide the from “small file” to “large file” until size is at 1 Meg or lower
– In the text box to the right of Quality, (example above it shows 12) type a number between 1
to 12 to adjust until 1 Meg or lower.

12. You want to stay as close to 1 Meg as possible, going too low deceases image quality.

13. Select “OK”

14. Follow the CACC website instructions for emailing in contest entries.